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Arriving to Luanda, and back again + Namíbia...

Etosha National Park

For those following our team… it’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been posting news and multimedia through Facebook, so I hope that you’ve been able to follow us through that social network.

For those who haven’t, a lot has happened since we left Faro exactly one year ago. The first stage of our journey connecting Faro to Luanda was a complete success and the old Landy was hitching for new adventures, so António Vilela returned to Angola and did most of its territory including the Namibe desert, until reaching Namibia.

This was a second stage of sorts, and we hope to bring you more adventures soon. In the meantime, have a look at our most recent photos from this journey.

Thank you!

Africa, here we go!


The team is ready for action and will start the adventure next Friday, March 29th at 09:00 in the historic city centre of Faro, in Largo da Sé.
(37° 0'48.77"N | 7°56'6.96"W)

Ahead of our first leg are 19 countries and 2 months of overland travel, driving the 40 year old Land Rover Series III.

Come and join us on the 29th March in Faro!


The team is back!


Land rover SIII 1973 on the 8th Land Algarve in Lagoa, Algarve (FEB 2013)

Africa here we go again!

The 40 year old Series III Land Rover is ready for yet another adventure, that will start on March 28th in Faro, heading to Luanda, the capital city of Angola.

António Vilela will drive the old Landy through several countries for a minimum of two months until reaching Angola, where the vehicle will stay for some time until the next leg of the expedition may begin (Luanda - Cairo).

So here we are again, facing a new challenge, always with the good old adventure spirit and the love for Africa!

Stay tuned for updates, we’ll be launching a new website soon!


Documentary premiere on RTP 2!

The AfroTeam Algarve adventure documentary, produced by Juicylime, will air on September 3rd at 17:30 on RTP 2! It's a whole sixty minutes of an amazing event for a team of six who drove a 1973 Land Rover through mud, snow, rain, dust and sand, crossing 10 countries for over 18.000 Kms!

Not to be missed!
September 3rd | 17:30 (GMT) | RTP 2

If you can't tune to this channel, or if you happen to miss it, use this link for an online live or on-demand webcast (click on the white play triangle with orange box on the lower-right corner of the page)

RTP news story

Broadcast by RTP, a news story about AfroTeam just before leaving to Budapest.

All videos here.