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The team is back! | TRANSAFRICA 2013
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Site last published: 29/3/14

The team is back!


Land rover SIII 1973 on the 8th Land Algarve in Lagoa, Algarve (FEB 2013)

Africa here we go again!

The 40 year old Series III Land Rover is ready for yet another adventure, that will start on March 28th in Faro, heading to Luanda, the capital city of Angola.

António Vilela will drive the old Landy through several countries for a minimum of two months until reaching Angola, where the vehicle will stay for some time until the next leg of the expedition may begin (Luanda - Cairo).

So here we are again, facing a new challenge, always with the good old adventure spirit and the love for Africa!

Stay tuned for updates, we’ll be launching a new website soon!